Saturday, November 26, 2011

A Bit of Bile Spewing in Spite of the Season

Been some changes around Chateau Rhino recently. What follows is some bile that I've been holding onto for a couple of months. I've gone back and forth about posting this, since it is Thanksgiving and I'm supposed to be filled with bonhomie and all that, but what the hell.

When I wrote about the Dragonfly Apocalypse I was in Florida taking a few days off after being "laid off" from my last job. Won't mention any names, etc. No inkling that it was coming. A Sr VP that had been around for 6 months or so decided to sack the entire team working for the client that accounts for 40% of the revenue of the company. There wasn't an economic reason to reduce staffing, this went down about a week after they signed a new contract with the client and my position was paid for for the foreseeable future, essentially he just wanted to put his own guys on the account. Not only did he dump me but he also dumped the guy who brought the client to the table 5 or so years ago and is one of a couple of guys that really "knows" the code. My boss in England was dumped (well, they held onto him for a couple of months to transition) and one other person as well. I hear that they've just forced the other engineer that "knows" the code out as well. This does not bode well for the client as things were held together with spit and baling wire in the best of times. No transition whatsoever. Completely classless.

I've been on both sides of the table in these kinds of situations but this is the first time I've ever been a victim of cronyism. What a fuckhead - taking someone's livelihood away from them in the 4th quarter during one of the worst economies ever. There are legitimate reasons to reduce headcount. I know that - but this was not business ... it was personal.

This is directed to the fuckhead: I will never, ever forgive the 4 weeks of anxiety you put my wife through you squat, syphilitic, piece of shit excuse for a human being. I could smell the stink of fear on you when you stood there, all 5' 4" of you, looking up at me after our little one-on-one. How did it feel to know that you were looking into the abyss and that if I wanted to I could have cracked your spine like a piece of balsa wood. You should thank whatever demons you sold your soul to that I care more for my family than I do about acting on my impulses. You don't know how close you came to being dismantled in the most painful of ways that day. I won't ever forget you and you had better pray that we never cross paths again. It is a small world.

I'm sure that a few of my former teammates will read this. You need to know that there are further plans for changes that will reduce costs. Don't kid yourselves - no one is safe. Not anyone.

Don't worry about me though. After I got back from Florida I connected with my old recruiting contacts and soon thereafter I picked up a great gig. Also, the company I formed with my partners has been picking up some steam and I believe that after the new year things are going to take off on that front.

Anyway, the bile has been purged. Karma is a bitch and I wish that I could be a spectator when it comes to roost.

It is good to be the Resourceful Rhino.


  1. What a fuckwit.

    Glad to hear you landed on your feet, man. Seems like this November has been a motherfucker to everyone.

    We should meet and hoist a few over it someday.

    On the Outer Marches

  2. Rhino sounds like he's already paved the way for his own demise. Glad to hear things are back on the way up, Cheers Bangar.

  3. Success is the best revenge. At least until you can hunt him through the woods with bloodhounds. Cheers & beers.

  4. "What follows is some bile that I've been holding onto for a couple of months" you now what happens to bile after a few months these via Enterohepatic circulation get returned tot he liver as “primary conjugated bile salts.

    Just thought everyone would like to know.

    The more time you spend in the world, the more you realise that decision aren't made by people weighing options, rationally selecting the optimum. Most decision are made by fucktards who would prefer to select their own fucktard even thoguh said fuctard doesn't know their arse from the elbow but they look and sound like me so I must be less fucktarded if I surround myself with fucktards.

    At least that is what i think anyway.

    Glad to hear you are going to be okay job wise, now if only a Mir sized chunk of bad karma would land on the fucktard's head we can all move on.

  5. Anonymous6:53 PM

    I hope you called that client and let them know what they are in for. I would.

  6. Anonymous6:54 PM

    The Peter Principle in action.

  7. Murph ... I think that I'll try to get up there this spring for a little KC debauchery.

    Bangar ... more than he knows. Can't say anything but the next few months may be interesting.

    Greybeard ... Hmmmm, the chateu could use a stable on the back 40 ... may need to lay in some prime Clydesdale stock - the only horse that could support a Rhino.

    Mr. Barnes ... I'll use those salts to season the feast when that fuck passes.

    Anon 1: Even though they were shits, that wouldn't be professional. Besides, there are indirect ways of them finding out that are better.

    Anon 2: Precisely.


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