Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Otter Men

The HLDW* and I visited the home of another couple (Demetrios and Wendy) last night. Sitting around a table in the screened-in porch - the men enjoying a cigar, the subject of the Gulf oil spill came up. The HLDW was bemoaning the fate of the wildlife so I just had to prod her a bit.

Rhino, "Well, it is just the stupid animals that are getting killed. The smart ones swim or fly away from the spill."

HLDW, "So?"

Rhino, "It'll improve the animal gene pool overall. Only the genius animals will mate and pass on their intelligence.

HLDW, "That's not the point."

Rhino, "There is one flaw with all of this - the animals could get too smart and turn on us for despoiling their homes. I wouldn't want to have an over-intelligent otter uprising or anything.

HLDW, "That is really not the point and stupid to boot."

From out of the blue, Demetrios chimes in with the coup de grace.

Demetrios, "You know what that would be don't you?"

HLDW, "What? If the Otters attacked?"

Demetrios, "Yes, it would be the Second Otter-Man Empire."

OMFG -- I laughed so hard I just about swallowed my cigar. That was so AWESOME.

I love that kind of stuff. Even the HLDW thought it was funny.

Second Otter-Man Empire


Action Hero of John Birmingham's "After America"

*Hippie Liberal Douche Wife


  1. War humour. Gots to loves it.

  2. "Second Otter-Man Empire" Beware the Rise of the Otters.

  3. Otter nonsense.

    (sorry... so very sorry)

  4. Nice. It got a smile on this side of the globe as well :)

  5. They must have heaps of GI Joe dolls stashed away somewhere in a warehouse somewheres in China. If we can just find enough stoopid viking helmets we are laughing all the way to the bank Rhino!

  6. Hughesy ... you aren't kidding Darlin'. I believe that a Rhino, Action Hero brand driven franchise would rock in print, screen and ancillary toys, video games, comics and, of course, fast food restaurant tie-ins - glasses, toys, etc.

    Do you want to be my agent?


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