Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Joys of Skype

So, I'm on Skype today with a couple of Irish guys that I work with (names redacted to protect the not so innocent) - "C" has been in Boston for the last couple of weeks - and the talk turns to what he has been doing in the evenings to pass the time.

What follows is a transcript of part of the conversation - I cleaned up some of the spelling, grammar, etc., as best I could but, as they are products of the Irish educational system, there was only so much that I could do. And, I wasn't willing to spend a whole lot of time to make them look good.

Why am I sharing this? The ending was pure Irish and pure hysterical.


C: Then a couple of weeks ago I asked someone for a cigarette he said NO. So i asked his girlfriend...she gave me one and when he realized I was Irish he said "oh I’m sorry, i didn’t realize you were Irish, I would have given you one". PLANK!

(Note: PLANK is Irish slang for a moron, or more directly, a 'tool' or 'twonk').

Rhino: WTF?

C: These people....

M: ah you love it C

C: course I do, but still - racists.

Rhino: racist? Huh?

C: he thought I was American

Rhino: So?

C: and so automatically didn't like me

Rhino: Was he Irish?

C: no he was American

Rhino: So, that doesn't make him a racist. Was he black?

C: nope

Rhino: white?

C: yes

Rhino: OK then ... not racist.

C: well, I don’t like the English, therefore I am racist even though they're the same race

Rhino: No ... that makes you bigoted. Not racist.

M: no that makes him Irish



Yeah, I'm good like that ... providing that "inside" look into other cultures.

It is good to be the International Business Rhino.


The Rhino

Action Hero of John Birmingham's "After America".


  1. MY brother in law's family are Scottish. I can grasp what they're on about one on one, but in a group?, no FKN chance.

    Great stuff.


    I love Skype.

    My family's Irish and every few years some of my cousins come over from Ireland for a visit and it's fun but I usually have no idea what they are talking about.

  3. Heh. My suburb was full of English and Scots factory workers that were transplanted to Oz, and I went to an Roman Catholic school with nuns straight off the boat from Ireland. I have a good ear for GB accents. I could even understand every word the Pikeys said in the movie "Snatch".

    Heh. That makes him Irish. Heh.


  5. NBob ... Actually, she just hires me to rub myself all over her.

  6. Just popped in to ask you for your autograph...ya know...before things get to hectic around here. You were magnificent in After America Rhino.

  7. Natalia..I fear you may well have been collaborating with the enemy behind my back my dear......please tell me this is not so?.

    AND..hey you. ACTION only shot a few ya big fkn git...others however..well, some have the power of a god is all i am


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