Sunday, April 19, 2009

Steve is Home

Steve has returned from Moscow. Alive.

He had a great time. Drank several Russians, a Finn, a Mongolian, a Brit and a couple of Frenchies under the table whilst there - with the pictures to prove it.

The Finn began his interlude with Steve with the following comment, "Americans are pussies." By the end of the night, just before passing out, that tune was updated to, "My god, you drink just like a Finn". High praise coming from the son of the sun deprived, alcoholic, depression and suicide inclined land.

Vodka was cheap - $10 a bottle. Scotch was not - $385 a bottle.

I didn't get a furry hat.

But Steve came home alive.

So, there is that.

I still would have liked a hat though.


  1. Hell yeah, don't mess with the Finns

  2. I second Barnesm, JP directed me to this which explains just how badass the Finns can be.

    Keep sending Steve back over there until he brings back a hat!

  3. Outdrinking those nationalities (except the Frogs) is pretty good going. Vodka takes a little bit of practice before you hit proper form.
    The hat? The hat! Tell Steve we're impressed with his drinkingness, his survival but not his ability to get hats.

  4. Anonymous5:46 AM

    I see the problem you were meant to provide a bottle of scotch so he could trade for the hat, alternatively get a hat wearer drunk enough to "acquire" said hat.

  5. I like bangarrr's idea, out drink 'em and steal their hats!

  6. Finns have a bad rep of carrying hunting knives and then using them in fights when they get drunk

  7. Finns are badasses because their country is such a miserable, sunless place, they have absolutely nothing to live for. The fact that their best hockey players all play in N. American makes it even more miserable.

    You realize, Rhino, what Steve's success means, don't you? This means that he thinks he's indestructible, and will be begging you to accompany him to Amsterdam.

  8. Steve ... I know ... he has been insufferable. As a matter of fact, Steve is organizing a b-day party for another cigar shop crony and the venue is a strip club of ill repute. I, of course, am being dragged there against my will and better judgment. Seriously, I am really and truly past the age of going to see crack whores shimmy. The things I do in the name of friendship.

  9. Anonymous4:23 AM

    Rog, you're a real martyr for the cause

  10. The Claremont Lounge?

    Please tell me Steve is dragging you to the Claremont Lounge.

  11. Steve ... nope, we are going to Gold Rush.

  12. Oh my God, that's on Metropolitan Parkway. You should totally NOT go there.

    You should punish him by then taking him to the Claremon for PBR and 50 year old strippers.


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