Wednesday, April 08, 2009

The Flow

So, instead of continuing with my sook I decided to get off my duff and try to think outside the box a little bit to get "the flow" going. I'm a believer that the more positive energy that you cast out into the universe it will respond accordingly (put some blame on the HLDW for that one) - but it has worked in the past and I've gotten away from that lately to my detriment.

Looking at the feedback from the prior post I said to myself, "Rhino, you rat bastard, you do have a buttload of experience and need to take control of your destiny and stop being a whiny bastard." So, I got with one of my cigar cronies and outlined my ideas for a consultancy. He loved the concept and shanghaied someone else that he felt would be perfect. We met today for a couple of hours and are actively pursuing the initial stages of starting our own business. More details forthcoming as we move forward.

Well, as soon as we finished our meeting I received back to back calls from recruiters that need someone RIGHT NOW. Now, here is where the universe gets all intrudey. I took the first call at the cigar shop just as one of my other buds walked in ... he heard me say the name of the company looking for help and said, "I'm starting a contract there on Monday". I gave him some more details and it turns out that he will be working in the same sphere as I would so he placed a call to the guy that he is working for to put in a good word. Weird but cool.

The second call was from a recruiter and it turns out that I have a very solid inside contact there that I've worked with before, so I spoke to them this evening and it turns out the role is for her boss or her boss' peer and she thinks that I would be PERFECT for it. Hourly rate at $65/hour is very workable as well.

Downside is that both contracts are for an initial 3 months with possible extension for one year. That works though as we are looking for grant money to get the consultancy off the ground - one of my partners is a woman and one is black (and a West Point grad) so we are going to tap all of those minority based sources - and that could take some time.

Well, I'm off to begin drafting our business plan and trying to gen up a name so that we can secure a website.

Thanks to everyone for the kind words.

Now, to generate some cash before the lights get turned off at the Chateau. Anyone have a spare $500 lying about? I have a PayPal account.

I got reminded of why it is good to be The Rhino today and it felt damned good.


  1. Anonymous9:23 PM

    Excellent news Woger,

    Yep always good to utilise every winning angle and as long as your business partners don't mind be stereotyped to get a guvmnt grant you're in the money..or i should say will be.

    sorry can't help you with the leccy bill my stovetop decided to blow so have to get a new one this weekend.. and commerical sales and leasing deals aren't exactly dropping off the trees at the mo..BASTARDS!!!!!

  2. good news my man..hey, now ping me an outline of just what it is you are doing...I have a friend over there, who is into all sorts of stuff..

  3. Anonymous10:46 PM

    H is he the one being investigated by the AFP?

  4. Are Rhinos a minority?


  5. Anonymous11:40 PM

    Only if Havock had his way!!!

  6. Excellent news! On both the job and starting a new business front. If you can get something rolling in this economic climate - you'll make a killing when the good time roll in.

  7. If the HLDWriter is getting regular gigs, then go the consultancy, if her gigs are sporadic then think long & hard.
    When I was looking into going into debt & setting out on my own (Video production) I worked the numbers round & round with all the variables I could. The one answer I kept coming up with was - I could either be shooting or hustling for work, but not both at once. Without a full time marketing person bringing in the jobs I couldn't service the loan AND pay myself a wage. & I could see no way to pay both myself and a marketing person. I'm glad I discovered this before launching the business, but I still sort of mourn the opportunity lost.
    As for the HLDW "Karmic energy in & out" - Trhwrwrwwt.

  8. NBOB..I would have the shooting anyday.....just a different kind I guess....


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