Sunday, February 22, 2009

HLDWW Review Link

Here is a link to the HLDWW's review.

Bask in her journalistic glory here:



  1. Jesus Christ, I think I got a tan from its awesomeness.

    Interactive handbags would be cool. Something with a screen, or bullshit detector or something embedded in the outer casing.

  2. It's confirmed. You have some serious competition in the writing of cool and interesting stuff.
    Sounds like something I would like to go to as well.

  3. I showed the article to the neighbour - she wants to go!

    Nicely written - congrats to the HLDWW

  4. Well written and zippy enough to grab attention.
    The one disappointment was that there was nothing about handbags with embedded weapons.
    I blame the curators.

  5. Good job by Mrs. Rhino! She doesn't get those writin' talents by pettin'...well, you know the rest of the line.

  6. I enjoyed the writing almost as much as I enjoyed the mental image of you at the launch of a handbag exhibition.

    My compliments to the wife.

    My sniggering amusement I reserve for your good self.

  7. @Everyone ... thanks for the kind words ... they've been passed along to the HLDWW and she sends her grateful thanks as well.


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