Sunday, March 01, 2009

Global Warming in Atlanta - March 1, 2009

Woke up to a beautiful March 1st morning - embraced by the warmth of the effects of global warming.

A picture from the front porch of Chateau Rhino:

This. Is. Not. Good.





From the camera in my phone ... but you can see the accumulation and the snow coming down. This is crazy - it should NOT be snowing in Atlanta at all, let alone in March. Last time we had snow in Atlanta was January 2008.

Good thing I didn't stow this bad boy:

That, my friends, is a commercial grade propane heater. It keeps the Rhino toasty warm during his morning tea and cigar. And, yes, I really do wake up every day and take my tea on the front porch along with a cigar. Every day. Crappy pic that does not do it justice ... chalk it up to me using the phone because I'm too lazy to fish out the digital cam.

And before you eco-fascists get out of hand in the comments, I was being facetious about the global warming thing ... yes, I know that global warming is not just about rising temps and is also about disruptions in weather patterns that may cause unseasonable cold, blah, blah, blah, etc. So keep your pie holes sealed with your self-righteous global warming rants. I don't wanna' hear it from you, I've got the HLDW for that.

I don't wanna' be the Snow Rhino.

I wanna' be the On the Mexican Beach Rhino


  1. of the flies was just complaining on the bar about how he hates the south. Since because no one knows how to drive in it, they close the roads down for snow. *grin* I did point out to him that it don't really snow much in the south. Hell here in Texas it NEVER freakin snows. Okay not in significant amounts anyway. We get an occasional light flurry that doesn't stick every few years or so.
    Later Roger.

  2. Snow? What's that?
    Never snows here in Brisvegas (think Florida weather) Though it has been a very wet, mild summer.
    Those heaters are great, the pubs use them down here in the winter, you know, when the temp gets down to 50 degrees (f) or so! (really)

  3. Anonymous4:58 PM

    Snow, we should be so lucky. Wait for a bit and you can bitch about the heat.

  4. I would LOVE to have a porch like that. Screaming heatwave or blizzard I would be out there every day too!
    Funny, you have snow, and we had about 98.5F on the first day of Autum. Just say the word and I'll be happy to swap weather with you. (Snow in Brisbane would get my attention, a lot.)

  5. Brisbane's hotter than most of Florida. I've spent time in both.

  6. Didn't know there was such a thing as a Snow Rhino. That'd be just like a snow angel wouldn't it, huh?
    Those heaters are great. Pubs put them outside to cater for us smokers in winter.

  7. Damn,I want our warm spring weather! It stopped snowing after a couple of hours and the skies cleared ... now very blustery and 35F. Supposed to warm up to the 70's later in the week. Hurrah.

    That heater is sweet ... but in winter I go through a tank per week ... always keep a spare handy.

    @Therbs - Yeah, like a snow angel ... only cuter.

  8. It's a funny old world, you have snow and i just got the following text message:

    Msg from Vic Police: Extreme weather in Vic expected Mon night & Tues. High Winds & fire risk.Listen to local ABC Radio for emergency updates.Do not reply to this

  9. It's crap here. It's always crap here. It's New Zealand. Aotearoa. Translates as "Land of the Abandoned Sporting Match"

  10. Brisbane's hotter than most of Florida. I've spent time in both.

    Now that would be why, THE ALSO gENETICALLY SUPERIORS sOUTHERNS HERE IN vic, WHO SHOULDER ARMS THROUGH hotter WEATHER THAN both, ARE A cut above the rest... harden the fuck up ya big fucking sook!

  11. Welcome to the Midwest!

  12. Dr Y, yes it's amazing En Zed doesn't rust shut!

    Rhino, whinge whinge whinge, next tyou'll be moaning because it's too hot!!

  13. Chaz ... have you been reading my notes for July posts?

  14. H - you have got to be kidding - Melbourne stinking hot last week - freezing cold and wet this week - definitely some sort of climate change going on.

    Brisbane has much better weather by far, but they don't have the culture or the good food like down here - although they don't do too badly either.

  15. It's the weather FFS!


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