Tuesday, February 17, 2009

HLDW Upgrade

Effective immediately the HLDW* has been upgraded and will now be known as the HLDWW - Hippie Liberal Douche Writer Wife.

A couple of months ago the HLDWW decided that she wanted to begin a freelance writing career. One small stumbling block was that she has no experience in the field whatsoever. Undeterred, she did some research and decided that the quickest way to achieve her goal of amassing some 'clips' (samples of published works - the street cred of freelancers) would be to do an unpaid internship somewhere. So, in her HLDWW single-minded manner she contacted the Editor in Chief of one of the local alternative weeklies, The Sunday Paper (www.sundaypaper.com) and secured a meeting. She met with him and asked for a shot at an internship. Unfortunately, he didn't have any space for additional interns but, after looking at some of her grad work papers, he did say that he would be willing to mentor her. He asked her to pitch some story ideas in the Arts arena (they don't have anyone on staff doing that beat right now) and if he liked any of the ideas he would take a look at what she wrote and possibly use it.

A couple of weeks ago she pitched a story about an exhibit set to open at the Museum of Design Atlanta. He liked the idea and advised her to write a review and if they had room in an upcoming issue they might use some quotes. Faint encouragement to be sure - but the HLDWW wanted to prove herself - so we (Yes, WE - it was painful and is worth another blog entry on its own - let's just say Rhino and frou frou gallery openings don't mix) attended the Press & VIP only opening for the exhibit and she wrote a review of 400 odd words (again, a painful process worthy of a separate blog entry) and submitted it.

She thought that was the end of things but then - GOOD NEWS - The Editor read it and liked it so much that he wanted her to beef it up to the 600 word range so that they could include it in the February 21st edition.

I'm so proud of her - her first at bat and she knocks it out of the park. She kicks ass and the world should know. As soon as the review appears online I'll post a link.

It is good to be the supportive spouse Rhino.


*Hippie Liberal Douche Wife


  1. Wow, that is fantastic!

    Sounds like she is well on her way to her first gold plated hovercraft.

  2. Someone sounds like a very proud Rhino, in spite of all the complaining.
    Rightly so, looking forward to the link. Don't forget to post it!

  3. I hope that your efforts on her behalf are duly noted and accredited! & congratulations to her

  4. Anonymous12:57 AM

    Thats pretty good, BTW was the booze any good at the opening? afterall it was free!

  5. Anonymous1:48 AM

    Congratulations to the Missus, Rhino.

  6. Onya Mrs Rhino... Next the NY Times.

    Onya Mr Rhino (encouragement support and husband extraordinaire).

    It must be good to be Mrs Rhino.

  7. Thanks everyone ... passing along the good wishes to her.

    @Chaz ... the booze was Blood Orange Martinis (Ketel One donated the booze) and wine (of course). The drinks were frou frou since it was an exhibit of women's hand bags (BARF) - including some from Sex and the City and Friends ... and, of course from famous designers, etc. Although, I have to say that the bacon wrapped dates were to die for ... and the wandering waiter was amused when I had him stand beside me for 5 minutes whiled I downed several. Can dress me up but can't take me out.

  8. yo Rhino, sorry it took me so long to bring my butt over to this place after jspace fragged. Anyway, glad to be reading you again dude.
    Sounds like you're proud enuff to pop a button. Congrats to the wife.

  9. Rhino - there is nothing wrong with helping yourself to the free food and drink at an opening - I have made a living out of it more then a decade...

    You may even come to enjoy being the HDLW's handbag at these events.

  10. Congrats to your wife, that's a pretty fine kick off to a writing career. I'd say she should try and cover more of those events. You could do reviews of the food and drinks.

  11. Sounds like a stellar idea. Girl who works in the same department as me seems to be a professional function attendee. Would turn up to the opening of the envelope. She's mates with all the local artists and fashionista types so basically turns up to all their openings and installations and gets fed and watered very well thanks v much. Seems a pretty decent gig to me. Just got to switch off the bullshit detector for an hour or three...

  12. The Rhino stands before a full length mirror, newly polished horn glinting softly in the light. He checks his cuffs are "just right" & the tie is straight, takes the Lady Rhino's arm and heads for the door.

    I semi-frequently attend SWMBO's functions. I've found that once you swallow your pride once, it gets easier next time. However a deliscous iroy is I have to swallow my Pinko tendancies when surrounded by corporate bankers, while you have to resist goring the Hippy Liberal Douchbag Arty types. Perhaps we should swap.

    Nice work on the supporting spouse routine.
    And full props to the Mr's Rhino. I dig people who take hold of their lives & make deliberate changes, rather "oh woe is me life's so unfair" assmunchers.
    One question; with that composite hoof how does one poke out a pinky while sipping white wine?

  13. Nice one! Congratulations to the Rhinette!


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