Saturday, January 29, 2011

For the Record

For the record. The HLDW left today to go to a workshop. She won't be back until next Friday. I already miss her so much that it hurts. As a literary action hero I will suffer in silence. I just wanted to get that down somewhere semi-permanent. That is all. It is not so good to be a sleeping alone except for the big fat red dog who hogs the bed Rhino.


  1. ya big sook!...." I'll never admit I know what ya mean"


  2. Its okay Rhino my man. We all chipped in and bought Havsy a ticket to go visit you and keep you company. We like to call it Rhino Relief. Apparently he's a dab hand with a cigar clipper so make good use of him. For what, I have no idea.

  3. I notice time slows down under these cirmstances too.

  4. I was quite concerned when Therbs showed up at my door with a tin with "Rhino Relief" asking for money. Rhino: We understand. I'm facing six weeks without my partner - it will be awful...

  5. @Therbs ... I really appreciate the offer. Will he be pre-bathed for flea removal? Just checking to see if I need to put in a supply of hay for the back deck.

    @Ysambart .... wow, six weeks. That really blows.

    @All ... Full disclosure - this entry was written at 0300 after an evening consuming 12 G&Ts, at least 15 or so pints and 1 shot of tequila whilst sitting at an incredibly sleazy strip club where I was bored out of my mind.

  6. I hear ya. Wife and child went away for a week and I found the place...disturbingly quiet. Mind you, the boy and I went away for a week and she admitted she enjoyed living alone!


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