Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Rhino at 15

The HLDW* was going through some photos that my mother had given to her and she found this one - it makes her swoon. It was taken in 1978 when I was just a lad of 15 by a neighbor woman that was big time into photography and wanted to do some "50s" shots - to remind her of her youth I suppose.

The HLDW advised that it was "throw back" or "way back" week or some such bullshit on Facebook this week and threatened to post it on her wall ... so I've preempted her efforts by posting it here for your enjoyment, not to mention piss taking, at my expense.

Note - Female readers will accept full responsibility for any spontaneous multiple female orgasms caused by the viewing of this photo and any accidents caused by their fainting due to the intensity of said orgasms.

Let the merriment begin. Bring it on. I can take it. Really, I can.

Fuck the Fonz ... I would have totally rocked Arnolds.

*Hippie Liberal Douche Wife


  1. Blue Steel FTW. Guessing that's not a pack of Marlboros rolled under the sleeve there Rhino. You sure the woman had the most above board of intents using you as her photography model? Reminding her of her youth huh?

  2. lol West Side Story FTW.

    Maybe a musical number next?. ;o)

  3. Surely not ciggies rolled up there?

  4. Anonymous3:39 AM

    By "I would have totally rocked Arnolds" you mean "I would have had homosexual sex with a guy named Arnold". Don't you? After you fucked the Fonz of course.

    Seriously though, I am with the Doc. Did she suggest removing the t-shirt for a more natural look?


  5. Who didn't love the Fonz. Dude in his 20's who hung out in the guy's toilet and talked to high schoolers ....

  6. Anonymous6:13 AM

    Schneider! ;p

  7. I have no words. The blood has been directed from my brain to...uh...elsewhere.

  8. Actually ... those were cigs rolled up in the sleeve ... not mine. I like to bring authenticity to my modeling gigs.

    And, yes, she was also interested in my manly bits.

  9. Her name wasn't Mrs Robinson was it?


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