Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Mostly Ready for the Zombieapocalypse

Went to the shooting range yesterday ... I haven't hefted a handgun in a lonnnnng time. Too long. Fired a nice Sig 9mm, a Colt 1911 .45, a Glock 9mm and a nifty .38 revolver. I have to say that the Sig was SWEeeeeEEEEeeeeeT.

Practiced 2 in the chest and 1 in the head for close in work in anticipation of the 2012 Mayan, Nostradamus prophesied zombie apocalypse. And before anyone says, "But Rhino, why shoot a zombie in the chest isn't that a waste of ammo?" you gotta' stand them up in order to get a clear shot at their head.

Not bad for an out of practice Rhino.

I think I see a Sig in my future.


  1. Hacking heads one round at a time. lol Shooting, Tex.

  2. You just about decapitated that guy!

  3. Sig does make a nice pistol. You wanna try .40 cal though - a little more punch than a 9mm.

    Jeez it's been a while since I handled a handgun too....

  4. You know what I call it

    a good start

  5. Anonymous1:49 AM

    Yep i'll be getting some range time as well over the hols. Got my eye on a .357 sig.

    But will have a shooting comp as well with a mate. Probably go with 9mm brownings

  6. I hope you see the Sig from the correct end!

  7. I should have qualified my comment I guess - I did a helluva lot of handgun shooting in the past with the Army and RAAF, but more with the NSW Police where I was a Weapons/Defensive Tactics Instructor (on a part time basis) and also did some of the testing of candidates for the new pistol for the NSWP (they went with the .40 Glock btw) - which included firing shedloads of rounds through the 30 odd candidate firearms.

    My pick ultimately for zombie apocalypse or general blazing away at paper targets? .44mag Desert Eagle! Nothing exceeds like excess.

  8. Very nice! I'm going with the AA-12 when the brain munchers come though. Thing of beauty if u haven't seen it.


  9. Keep on practicing. You don't get good groupings from "pettin' kitty cats".

  10. Bondiboy ... will do on the .40. I'm considering buying one after the new year. I have big paws so I like a "chunky" pistol.

    Heidi ... Yeah, saw that show awhile back. I think every man in the cigar shop that day fell in love with that sweetie.

    Therbs ... you are right. One shouldn't practice shooting quick 2 and 1s being so rusty. At least I got them in the same general area.

    Barnes ... agreed.

  11. If I was to resort to a firearm, I'd be in Heidi's camp on this. But you know me: I do my best work close up. It's all about the sword.

  12. Flinty ... agreed.


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