Thursday, July 23, 2009

Rhino News

I haven't posted in awhile - which is one way to drive away Rhino lovers. (There are others, of course, but you need to be in the general vicinity to experience those.)

Life has been rather crazed lately, bordering on chaotic, but in a good way for a change - lots of amazing things happening.

Looks like the HLDW* has broken into a paying writing gig. I am fairly bursting at the seams I'm so proud of her. It is "in process" as they say and there are a couple of hurdles remaining (but they are things she is in control of clearing) but the fact that she has gotten this far so quickly is nothing short of amazing. She is an incredible woman and I still marvel at the fact that she settled for me. I'm not sniffing at the potential of an additional revenue stream (as paltry as I've been warned it might be) either. Rhinos are all about the revenue stream.

On the start-up front - we are now an officially INCORPORATED business entity - an LLC no less. We are in the process of pulling a lot of threads together and are looking to be actively seeking business on Monday, 3 August. Things have worked out great with the contract as I work from home and start very early due to time zone considerations which leaves my late afternoons & evenings free to work on the new business venture - very key in that there is zero conflict with the much appreciated paying gig. On the suck side I've forgotten how much it truly blows to write a business plan. I've done it before and forgot how painful it is.

Oh, yeah, I'm COO. That's kinda' cool and think it will look good on a business card - The Rhino, COO.

On the home front - things are getting pretty much back to normal but there is still some distance to go. Jennicki wrote about the unemployment thing very eloquently and I think that I'd like to do something along those lines as well at some point - but I think I need some perspective as it is still very raw. After 18 months of on again/off again contract employment, coming within one day of losing the house, the constant worry of paying the bills, etc., I almost feel as if I'm suffering from some sort of PTSD at times. There is a core of anxiety that I'm still carrying around - it lessens every day - but it is still there. I'm almost afraid to be hopeful.

On top of all of the demands on my time I was asked to do a rush review of a HUGE pre-pub manuscript last week - and, before Havock bursts a blood vessel, it was NOT After America. There was absolutely no question that I was going to do it despite my lack of free time and it took a couple of very late nights. I can't really say what it was but it was awesome and had lots and lots of explodey goodness. I have multiple geekgasms when I do this kind of thing. Yes, the Rhino is a pathetic fanboy and it was worth every precious minute of sleep lost.

Oh, and I'm getting a free 42" plasma TV next weekend. Any time I get to type the words "free" and "plasma TV" in the same sentence it is always a good thing.

Anyway, that is the down and dirty update. I still need to write about another lost weekend at Steve's and I do have a double secret probation task to finish for another writer that I've sorta' kinda' dropped the ball on in all of the chaos during the last month.

All in all the karmic scales seem to be balancing once again and I am reminded that it really is good to be The Rhino.

*Hippie Liberal Douche Wife.


  1. Anonymous12:10 AM

    Congrats to the wife, no easy task to get paid for writing.
    Glad to hear about the start up and new TV.

  2. On Ya Rhino. Good to see you are still alive and kicking.

    Yeah for Mrs Rhino on the writing gig.

    Good to see things on the business front are progressing. COO; That make you Chief Pigeon?


  4. Good to hear life is getting better, and great to hear from you again.

  5. about time your ugly hide came up for some air. :P
    Congrats to the wife on the paying gig front.
    Congrats on everything else as well.
    Free? There's no such thing as free. don't you remember your Heinlen?

    Plasma is more expensive than my DLP. I was watching Attack of the Show on G4TV [formerly tech tv..or something like that] they did a review on the new Samsung OLED tv's. I had a total geekgasm sitting there watching it. Most people consider a ratio of 30,000 to 1 good. These things have a ratio of 3 MILLION to 1. Its also only an inch thick, and got a ton of plugs for puter, game consoles, satellite hook ups and what have you. I want I want, I WAAAAANNNNNNT! *whimper whine moan and cry* Alas until I do something on the job front..*shrug* However when I do..this thing is definitely on my 'I needs it my precious, yesssss' list. the one I saw on the review was a..42" and $3000

  6. yeah, gotta say, I think about the fact it was ONLY 5 months and other have done it tougher, for far far longer. Here ya big fella, ALL FUCKING EARS. And then whats really cool and not mentioned. THATS CATCH UP. YA might be back in work, but all them fucking bills still gotta be cleared etc. Keep at it.

    reading fuckin MS's..HA....BGB. Cheers H


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