Monday, April 06, 2009

Virus Attack

Been down for the last couple of days ... PC got a nasty virus and I was doing everything that I could in lieu of actually wiping the damned drive and rebuilding. Didn't work, of course ... and here we are 2 days later.

Not necessarily a bad thing as I've been an angsty Rhino and not really feeling like communicating ... the waiting for the phone to ring with employment thing is getting to me after 3 solid months. I generally save this space to write about positive/funny stuff - but WTF! Yes, yes, yes, before you say it, I am feeling a bit of a sook coming on. By Christ's hairy balls there is only so much sitting on the porch reading and hanging at the cigar shop that a man can do before he goes off the deep end.

Anyway - thought I'd at least post some filler so as to not disappoint people stopping by.

Christ, maybe I ought to post the resume here to gen-up some interest.


  1. HANG TUFF!..Not wher you a YET!, but scootin up behind ya.....FUKIN EMPLOYERS..CAP'EM all I say!

  2. Anonymous1:42 AM

    I take it you'll sign the petition to line these bastards up against the wall?

  3. Tell me where and when!

  4. Ah work, if they didn't pay you, you wouldn't go.

    Enjoy it while it lasts, a man of your talents is not going to stay unemployed too long.

  5. The 'PC' in "PC got a nasty virus...." is code for your penis, isn't it?.

    Damn Honduras.

    ...and 'smoking cigars' is metaphorical for...


    lol I jest.

    I shot my last PC that got a terminal virus. Literally.

  6. Hey, Rhino -- you realize I have no idea what it is you do when you're being gainfully employed? Ummm... okay. Lemme guess... Quality Assurance Inspector for McBrothels National?

  7. I WAS WONDERING..myself

  8. The biggest virus of them all is Vista itself - it's a massive self-perpetuating system-performance-sucking ever-expanding alien space blob of a thing - and most the antivirus software slows your system down so drastically that you'd almost prefer the spyware and trojans. Then again I'm typing this on a Macbook, my last virus was the flu.
    Long term unemployment is arse, I empathise heavily - good luck.

  9. Thanks for the supportive words everyone ... greatly appreciated.


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