Thursday, March 05, 2009

Irish Pub and Aliens VS Monsters - In 3D!

Just got back from the screening of AvsM and we had a great time. It was in 3D!!! The quality of the 3D was simply amazing. I haven't seen a 3D movie in years and I have to tell you that the quality was simply incredible. If they can do this with live action movies then the whole ball game with respect to the movie experience has gone through the stratosphere.

The even better part of today was that the HLDWW received an additional assignment yesterday. She had to meet with the owner of a local Irish pub to do a Q&A to be run in the March 15th edition in time for St. Pats. She scheduled it so that she could meet with the guy and then we could leave there and go straight to the movie. SWEET. She did the interview while I sat on the patio (It is back to Atlanta weather here - 65F, sunny today) sipped a Guiness, ate some great food, read a book and smoked a petite stogie. The pub grub was excellent as the owner happens to be a fine dining chef who got out of that biz in order to open a pub and his philosiphy is that you can serve good food, high in quality at a reasonable price. Even nicer, when he found out that I was the HLDWW's hubby he comped my check.

When we arrived at the theater we met the publicist - a nice bouncy young thing - and she escorted us to our reserved seats - middle row, halfway up, perfect - which was pretty sweet as the theater was almost full when we walked in. The seats had this sign taped to them:

It really is the little things that make me happy. She fetched the 3D glasses for us and made sure that we had everything we needed. When we sat down a guy sitting behind us leaned over and asked if we had some part in making the movie or something (because of the reserved sign). Very funny.

Neat experience - this was more than just a press event as the majority of people there were families with young children. Before the movie started the Paramount security guy advised everyone to turn off any cell or electronic device as they were filming the audience in night vision and any light source would be considered an attempt to pirate the flick. I've read that they do the night vision filming of the audience to measure reaction - which would explain all of the families as it would be at the center of the intended demographic of the flick.

Fun story. A good time was had by all. Even the HLDWW liked it which was a surprise.

All in all it was a pretty good day. I could learn to enjoy riding the HLDWW's coat tails.

No gift bags though. But I'll suffer in silence I think.

It is good to be comped and reserved Rhino.


  1. This just keeps getting better and better!

    It truely must be good to be the Rhino that married wisely.

  2. It is good to be the Rhino and Mrs Rhino.

    Let us know when her review gets published.

  3. Ah, Mr Rhino. We don't mention the freebies. Not amongst the unwashed. They get jealous.

  4. That does seem like the way to enjoy a movie. And ^ he's right - I'm jealous!

    I'll have to find some coat-tails to cling to

  5. Mate it sounds great, living the hgih life in Atlanta, who'd have thunk it?

  6. Rhino, what? You got free food an free booze AND a free movie; and you still want a free gift bag? Tsk Tsk. Lower your standards in this regard my friend. :P

  7. Even Barnes would be jealous...


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