Saturday, July 09, 2011

Quality Vs Quantity

So, the HLDW* and I are driving home this evening after dinner (I had a great Cuban Torta by the by) and she is telling me something about her budding social media business. She is planning some events for a friend of ours that own's a jewelry store and she was telling me about some upcoming things.

HLDW, "... and in November we're going to have a Men's event."

Rhino, "You should talk to the cigar shop about holding it as a co-event." (There is a cigar shop a few doors down from the jewelry store).

HLDW, "We already thought of doing that. I told you about that before."

Rhino, "I didn't remember."

HLDW, "Why don't you remember stuff? I remember all of the stuff you tell me."

Rhino, "That is because I deliver my stuff in small, quality-filled packets that are easily retained. If I were to remember everything that you tell me my hard drive capacity would be overwhelmed."

HLDW, "Are you saying that what I say isn't quality?"

Rhino, "Not at all. What I'm saying is that you say a lot of things, some of which are quality, but the sheer quantity of stuff forces me to sift through it all and discard that which isn't quality thereby ensuring that I retain enough brain capacity to continue my autonomic functions."

HLDW, "Oh, so I talk to much?"

Rhino, "I'm not saying that either. I suspect that you talk an average amount for an intelligent, well spoken woman."

HLDW, "So, the average woman speaks to much and what she does say has a low degree of quality - is that what you are saying?"

Rhino, "I didn't say that, and, most fortuitously for me, I don't need to now as you just did. However, I am forced to concur with your well thought out position in this matter."

HLDW, "You are such a smart-ass."

Rhino, "But I will remember your quality assessment of the quantitative versus qualitative aspects of female speaking."

It is good to be the qualitatively loquacious Rhino.

*Hippie Liberal Douche Wife


  1. Wanna talk to my missus for me?

  2. Moko, would be happy to do so. The HLDW has often said that I should share my wisdom. Anyway it sounded like that to me. I've often thought that, as a literary action hero, I have a wealth of information to share around interpersonal relationships. What the 2 have to do with each other i haven't a clue but most of the talking heads have even flimsier excuses to be meddling arseholes so why not me? An additional revenue stream may be at hand. Let me know if she would like to schedule an appointment. I'll give you the Burger discount.

  3. Hmm as a rethink, you both would then have my head over a barrel.

  4. Moko ... I can imagine some scary places ... but being in your head would even make ME think twice.

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