Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Sri Lanka v Australia - WTF Guys?

My virtual and work worlds collided yesterday in yet another demonstration of why the interwebs rock.

Had a Skype confernce call very, very, early local time yesterday with my boss in London and members of the development team in Sri Lanka and the pre-meeting chit chat was all about the upset of Australia by Sri Lankan in the Twenty20.

Everyone was happy. Funny thing I noticed though - my boss refuses to say the word Austalians - he will only say, "Sons of English convicts" when referring to ye lads down under. Don't know where that animosity comes from. The Sri Lankans, needless to say, were full of themselves. I'm not sure what pleased them most; the end of their 26 year long civil war or this cricket victory.

I mentioned, of course, that I have a lot of Aussie buds and that I needed to write about this in my blog ... and the flood gate of links to articles began to flood my in box. They really are a vindictive bunch. I tried to stand up for you I really did - but I felt queasy trying to defend a poofy game that I didn't give a rat's arse about and, besides, I really needed them to knock out some serious code this week.

by the way, what the hell does this tag line from The Telegraph mean?

A sign in the crowd after Australia's early exit from the World Twenty20 at the hands of Sri Lanka summed it up: "Enjoy Leicester, Ricky".

Anyway, I guess I just wanted to say, WTF guys - y'all are embarrassing me in the work place.

Harden the fuck up, will ya.



  1. Actually we're sons of Irish republicans and other working class types the English wanted to permanently see the back of, hence sending them for seven-to-life 'transportation' for nicking handkerchiefs and loaves of bread. They've never gotten over sending all their lower class scum halfway round the world to get rid of them, only to discover (a) they live in a subtropical paradise where the sun's out 300 days a year and everyone wears bikinis (apart from the Prime Minister), and (b) all those horrid working class types turned out to be very good at beating the living piss out of them on the sporting field.

    The Lankans are bitter over Murali - he was/is their once in a generation genius player, an offspinner with an amazing action who generates huge amounts of spin off the pitch and holds the world record for most number of wickets in Test cricket. By amazing, I mean illegal. He bowls with a bent arm which isn't bowling, its throwing. However it's only ever been Australian umpires who've called him on it, and it's only in Australia that he gets huge amounts of stick over it.

  2. "Enjoy Leicester, Ricky", means the next game of cricket that Ricky Ponting is gonna have is in the Ashes against England.

    Basically it means, 'don't let the door hit you in the arse on the way out'.

  3. And Leicester's a hole.

  4. Yeah, Murali's a fucking chucker.

  5. Son of a bitch chucker.

  6. Allowing a chucker into cricket is the end of civilisation. Nukes will be exchanged by angry deluded men who don't even understand why things such as standards are important. Chuckers in cricket are the thin edge of the wedge. Queue anarchy.

  7. Finger on the pulse, the comment above. FINGER.ON.THE.PULSE.

  8. I think the antogonism comes from the fact they went "We've just found this big, warm and sunny land, let's send all the people we've caught stealing bread there. We'll stay in damp, cold and foggy England." Simple really.

  9. The lads have the right of it, Rhino. And you're gonna have to watch your step with that 'poofy game' stuff. Baseball is derived from the English girls-school game of Rounders, and it is best suited to players who can't handle the prospect of a real man's game. Cricket, on the other hand... you wanna check something like Dean Jones batting for days in the Indian sun to save a match and rack up two hundred runs. Not a baseballer alive or dead could manage that.

    It's fine the Poms console themselves by calling us 'sons of convicts' -- though I'm but a humble adoptee myself, being born under the Stars and Stripes for my sins. The Poms need something to hold onto, because fuck knows we've kicked the living crap out of them in pretty much every arena of human competition...

  10. Oh, and yeah... Murali's a chucker. Sad, but true.

  11. first it was the the Sri Lanka?

    whats next? NZED beating Auz?

  12. Darkman2:14 AM

    Americans are soft... they go to baseball with their soft american beer and wander out legless after a few hours and a result. Australians go to a game of test cricket for 5 days, drink real beer, (not the waste produced after Australian beer has been consumed) & it ends in a draw... that, Mr Rhino, is hard-core.

    But yeah, murali could play baseball with the way he bends that arm...

    Why do Australians bowl with a straight arm? because if an Australian bends his arm his chucking down a beer.

  13. ...or wanking. Let's be honest here.

  14. American Football V Leauge/Union - equivalent hardness. The hits are bigger in Leuague Union, and unarmoured. By in AF everyone hits everyone else every play. That is pretty hard.

    Baseballs do move a bit faster than cricket balls. But yeah, not having the buggers bounce does make it a bit softer than cricket.

    Re: Stantards - I recently heard a theory on why the Pacific Islands are falling apart - all the old administrators are passing on and no replacements are being trained from decent schools.


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